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Ultra B12-Folate: 90 capsules

Ultra B12-Folate is a unique formula that combines vitamin B12 (cobalamin) with our proprietary NatureFolate™ blend of active isomer naturally-occurring folates. These two vitamins work synergistically, improving methylation and helping to promote balanced concentrations of homocysteine.* While many manufacturers offer them separately, this formula offers the convenience of getting both B vitamins in one capsule. The premium B12 in this product comes from equal amounts of adenosylcobalamin and methylcobalamin. 

Recommended Use:

As a dietary supplement, take two capsules before or with each meal per day or as directed by your health care practitioner.

Serving Size: 1 capsule

Servings Per Container: 90

 Ingredients Amount
Folate (NatureFolate™ blend) 400 mcg
Vitamin B-12 (as Adenosylcobalamin and Methylcobalamin) 2000 mcg
Other Ingredients: Microcrystalline cellulose, vegetable stearate  


This Product DOES NOT contain:


Storage Notes:

STORE IN A COOL, DRY PLACE. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Color, size or shape may appear different between lots. 


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