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free shipping for orders over $100

Gemmotherapy - Black Currant Drops

***This amazing product is ideal for protection during cold and flu season as well as in times of increased emotional and life stress... so everyone could use this at some point, right? 

Your adrenal glands can't function at 100% efficiency without a little support sometimes. The Gemmotherapy Black Currant (Ribes Nigrum) drops provide focused nutritional support for the adrenal glands (or the Adrenal Cortex).  

Traditionally, Gemmotherapy has been used by knowledgeable nutritional practitioners (like Nutritionist Derek Johnson) to assist in the gentle drainage and detoxification processes of the human body. This form of plant-based nutritional therapy has long been popular in Europe. The use of flower buds in traditional herbal pharmacopoeia dates back to the middle Ages when Alchemy was the common means of treatment.

When combined with ImmunoChews, your body is supported effectively!