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Derek Johnson Nutrition

Derek JohnsonDerek Johnson has over 20+ years experience as a holistic and functional nutritionist who is passionate about coaching people on how to make healthy, and sustainable, lifestyle changes. Derek has clients across the country as he provides his custom nutrition consulting services in-person at his offices in Los Angeles and El Segundo as well as via phone, FaceTime and through Zoom video conferencing. Derek is considered an expert in weight loss resistance, gastrointestinal health, adrenal fatigue and many other areas and has helped thousands of people to set, reach and maintain their wellness goals. For more about Derek, please visit About Us. 



Nutrition Consulting Programs

Transformation Program (5 Sessions) *Where all clients begin

This is the most comprehensive part of your nutrition journey. This five session initial program, ideally taking place over the course of two months, is where Derek utilizes all of your provided dietary habits, sleep and energy patterns, family and health history, fitness routines as well as your goals to create a customized plan for you to set, reach and most importantly, maintain your results. What Derek offers is an innovative view of nutrition through education about food, sleep, energy and nutrition hacks that can help you live a healthier life starting now. 

This program includes (but not always in this scheduled order - every path is customized for each person):

  • (1) 75-minute initial session 
  • (1) 60-minute food program/plan session 
  • (3) 30-60 minute follow-up sessions (time depends on your specific case and allotted/required time is decided by Derek) 
  • Access to an online portal & phone app to track your foods by text or photo, exercise tracking, notes, etc.
  • Nutrition resource binder
  • Derek's monthly newsletter with nutrition hacks, news from the latest in nutrition science, recipes, supplement promotions and more.

Transformation Program Fees:

  • $275 due at the initial session
  • $155 due at the conclusion of each of the other 4 sessions

To schedule your 1st appointment, send us an email at 

Upon program completion, below are the Maintenance Fees:

  • 15-minute consult $45
  • 30-minute consult $85
  • 45-minute consult $120
  • 60-minute consult $160

* In office & in home consults are available by appointment only and incur additional fees.